We have combined all the top picked tools by our artist Jeebuunoi. She prefers and loves to use the following tools to create her artwork and website. The following are her recommendations, we would appreciate it if you would like to purchase one of the tools to support us. We always appreciate your support, thank you!

Adobe Creative Cloud - Photoshop

Photoshop is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud software suite. You can use a touch screen tablet with its pen, such as Microsoft Surface Pro 7, to draw an artwork with Photoshop. You also can try out Illustrator to create a digital artwork for a better price.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with its Pen

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is everything you need to unleash your creative power! It’s a touch screen computer that comes with its pen that you may have to buy it separately. You can draw your artwork digitally in Photoshop or Illustrator with this device.

Colored Pencils - Prismacolor Premiere

These premium colored pencils have soft and thick leads offering smooth and versatile coverage on paper artwork. It can be vivid and intense with one stroke. It can also be subtle in the next stroke of your sketch.

These pencils let you draw smooth and precise doodling. It helps to create a detailed sketch with its bold and vibrant colors. It also is easily erased from the paper surface.

Sakura White Pen - Gelly Roll Classic 08

You can use this white pen to color over a dark part of your picture on canvas or paper to create a creative artwork and drawing. This pen will help you create a beautiful and stunning sketch.

Tiny Eraser - Tombow MONO Zero Elastomer Eraser

Keep your work clean and free from unnecessary marks with the help of the Tombow Mono Zero Eraser. This eraser allows you to protect your drawing and erase what you need with impressive precision.

Pink Pearl Eraser - Paper Mate

This eraser is a classic choice and a cheap one to use to erase the overall drawing on paper without leaving a black smudge on your sketching paper. It is a smear-resistant eraser and latex-free.

General Pencil Jumbo Kneaded Eraser

Most artists use this gray kneaded eraser on graphite and charcoal drawing and sketches. The extra-large size makes it easier to erase large areas with comfortable and sweeping strokes.

Fine-Point Permanent Marker - Sharpie

These pens offer a smooth and high-quality drawing experience with specially-formulated permanent ink. They deliver bold and vivid colors providing a fine point that renders crisp lines and precise sketching.

Blick Studio Belgian Linen Stretched Canvas

This canvas has a good quality for a better choice to use for your acrylic artwork. It’s also durable and affordable. It’s the perfect high-quality substrate for ensuring longevity, and it has a linen-unique texture.

Alvin Battery Operated Eraser

Alvin Battery Operated Eraser is convenient to use for most artists. This tool is not for only erasing pencil, but artists also use it for creating artwork quickly and precisely with being designed to be held like a pen.

Watercolor Pencils - ARTEZA

These pencils are bright and pigmented colors. They develop eye-catching color combinations and smooth gradients with 72 unique shades of watercolor pencils that create watercolor effects.

Soft Graphite Pencils - Derwent

These pencils are good for drawings that require tiny detail. Charcoal is perfect for sketching and hitting those dark spots; however, it is much darker and rougher than graphite and more prone to smudges.


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